Can you save a life?

November is CPR month so here’s our question for you – if someone in your family had a heart-attack, would you know what to do?

Here’s something to think about:

  • Between 70 & 80% of people lucky enough to get CPR get it from their family or friends
  • But only 1 in 7 Canadians know how to do CPR

Add those two facts and what happens?

50,000 (yes fifty thousand) people needlessly die every year in Canada.

That’s approx 1 person every 10 minutes. Sure you can’t save all 50,000 of them, but there’s a 3/4 chance that when your family member needs CPR, you’ll be the one stood next to them.

Would you know what to do?

If not, take the 4 hrs needed to find out by booking a course!

And do it right now, before it becomes another thing you regret not getting round to.

About Tony Howarth

Tony is a First Aid & CPR Instructor Trainer with Sea 2 Sky Safety Training Services and the company founder. Tony started with the British Red Cross in 1994. Has acted as first aid attendant for hundreds of events & treated many hundreds of people as a result. He is experienced in training a wide range of courses. He previously worked as an ambulance attendant with the British Red Cross. He is now in BC as a first aid instructor, and an instructor trainer (one who trains others to become instructors) Finally, Tony works at UBC Hospital as a pharmacist when not busy training safety
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